Malvern Dowsers

Introducing Malvern Dowsers

Malvern Dowsers is a group of people from many different walks of life that have a common interest in developing and using their dowsing skills to explore the world. Our meetings are not just theoretical but practical too and we particularly welcome people who would like to try dowsing for the first time. Dowsing with someone who has done it before means that in process of discovering how to use dowsing tools you have the advantage of immediate confirmation that you are on the right track.

Dowsing is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can take up. Many people use dowsing techniques every day and even make dowsing an integral part of their routine working lives, for instance to discover a source of water on a farm or to identify a health issue. Some might find it surprising that anyone can learn to dowse, some people are better at it than others but essentially, we all possess the ability to find hidden objects.